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Yoga Burn Review

Today every single penny in your pocket matters. When we talk about the concept of looking beautiful, most of the women desire to have a perfect combination of a well-toned, healthy, and strong body. Yes, we want it all. However, most of us fail to understand that most of the fitness programmes available just focus on either of the aspects. You find end number of fitness training programmes online either talking about the perfect body shape or focusing on the ideal health. There are quite a few which talks about a holistic approach towards weight loss and fit body, but they don’t really come with a deadline or suitable for everybody. That’s when I stumbled upon Zoe Bray Cotton’s 12-week Yoga Burn Challenge online. I read online Yoga Burn Reviews and found hundreds of people saying so many things about this programme and Yoga Burn DVD. What hooked me more into this programme is that all the reviews online were not talking about just perfect shapes. Some of them were raving about how they are sleeping better and how they feel more alive, and yes better body shape is also an added advantage.

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

You might be, by now wondering what is this Yoga Burn challenge and who is Zoe Bray Cotton. Zoe Bray Cotton is working as a certified yoga instructor for years. Her work goes beyond a yoga instructor; she is also a personal trainer and an expert in female body transformation. Along with this, she is also renowned for utilizing yoga for weight loss and relaxation purposes. So, Zoe has combined her years of experience with hundreds of clients and work in this field to create this highly effective transformation programme. Zoe’s ultimate aim behind developing this programme is that it should benefit all the women around the world equally. It helps the ladies to lose weight and attain a fitter body and a relaxed mind. Let’s discuss the benefit of the famous Yoga Burn 12-Week Challenge in detail.

Benefits of Program:

Customized to Individual Body Type: The program pattern progresses as a weekly challenge, where the initial weeks prepares your body for the upcoming challenges. This week-wise pattern fits perfectly with all the individuals having different levels of physical capabilities and goals. Along with this in the yoga video, the poses are sequenced from the easiest to hardest so to prevent injuries or avoid any sort of discomfort. There are suggestions to make the work out easier and harder as per personal fitness abilities.

 Lower Stress Levels and Better Sleep Patterns: Exercise is the most transformative thing that you can do for your brain. Though not visible, it has immediate effects on your body and mind. Just by kick-starting your first-week programme, you can increase the level of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, etc. You will start to sleep better and will feel more focused on your work.

Systematic Progression: You might find it boring and not much exciting in the initial two weeks. However, you need to understand that the first two weeks are crucial which prepares your body for the intense workout that follows later on. All your muscles, tendons, joints and other body parts are getting accustomed to the changed routine in the first two weeks. The initial 2-week challenge is in a way crucial and building step for the 12-week challenge programme. The systematic progression fits perfectly for all individuals at various fitness levels.

Descriptive and Detailed Explanation: All the yoga poses are explained elaborately and move at a pace that neither you have to keep looking at the screen nor you have to pause or rewind the videos.

Result Oriented: As I mention initial few weeks are preparatory challenges. You may not be able to see the difference on the scale, but yes there will be a guaranteed change in your overall health. The sequences keep changing as the program progresses. With the passing of each week, you will see a definite and positive change on your weighing scale. For better results, you just need to dedicate some more time to these videos.

Privacy of Your Home: That is one of the best features of the program, you can do this anytime at your luxury, at your own comfortable time and place. There is no need for any special equipment either.

Affordable Price: With all these benefits, the price of the Yoga Burn DVD is a steal. There are also additional bonuses.

Money Back Guarantee:  Even after trying the challenges for two months, if you think it’s not something meant for you, you can request a full refund.

Too Many pros can have Some cons also

Only available online: This program is only available online and is readily available to you once you make the payment. Some people prefer to visit the live class with fellow mates; then it might not be for you. However, you can always call in a few friends and do this together at home

Consult your medical advisor before you start: If you have some health conditions, it’s better to consult your medical advisor before you plan to begin Yoga Burn Challenge.

Results may vary: The more time you spend with the video and the level of hardness you choose to do each pose will decide the end result. So results may vary from person to person.

Maybe not challenging enough for some: Before you commit yourself to this program we recommend you check the Videos of Yoga Burn Challenges. If you are someone who is already into the high-intensity workout, then you may find it too easy.

So, if you are someone who has tried too many things and still not able to achieve the desired results, then Yoga Burn with Zoe is very useful. Till now it has helped many women around the world to lose weight effectively. Though we believe all women look equally amazing in any body shape or size, but we can’t neglect the serious health risks of having too much fat. For some people losing weight is the constant struggle but failures are part of our life, don’t let the past decide your future. One of the best features of this programme is anyone, almost anyone can do this. It is not astonishing that Zoe’s Yoga Burn Challenge DVDs make a number of sales every day. It is a 100% risk-free product, you don’t have anything to lose but you can gain a lot. I mean who gives back a 100% return after two months. Call the toll free number or email them and you will get a full refund. Most importantly you will learn to know a lot about your own personal health and body in the process. We hope that our Yoga Burn Review will help you in your decision. 

Yoga Burn Reviews

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