Hormone Replacement Therapy – Restores Natural Hormones

OlderCoupleHormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) restores the natural female sex hormones estrogens and progesterone in women experiencing menopause. HRT can help ease the symptoms of menopause as well as protecting women against the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Deciding whether or not to take replacement hormones is one of the most important choices facing women today. Dr. Kuhne encourages all of his patients seeking menopausal management to make time to come in to discuss the latest options available in HRT today.

It may interest you that a well-publicized study called the “The Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial”, actually studied hormone replacement in two ways. One way studied the effects of taking just estrogen without any other hormone and found that there seemed to be a trend toward reduced invasive breast cancer and less heart attacks, especially in younger women. Another recent, well-done study also found a protective benefit against heart disease for estrogen users, particularly if started early in menopause. In other words, the mass media may not be providing the whole story when it comes to what large studies are actually showing about hormone replacement.

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