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Today, there are so many therapies available that may help you cope with natural and surgical menopause symptoms. They can range from FDA-approved prescription hormone therapies to over-the-counter treatments.

Dr. Kuhne believes that because every woman’s menopausal experience is unique, he would like an opportunity to speak with you about what treatment option is best for you. Please pick up the phone and call 214-705-7425. Let one of our staff arrange for you to have that talk with Dr. Kuhne.

Natural Menopause questions can be as easy as finding out how to reduce and cope with hot flashes and night sweats. You may have questions about Surgical Menopause and need to know how to reduce and cope with immediate and severe menopause symptoms. You may also have questions about Plant Derived Estrogen-only Treatment Options and Dr. Kuhne can help you get information about relieving and reducing your menopause symptoms.

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