Contraception – Latest Education

Dr. Kuhne provides his patients the latest education for birth control. There are many forms of birth control available today. These include hormonal groups (pills, injections and under the skin implants), barrier/chemical groups (condoms, diaphragm, female condoms, cervical cap, vaginal spermicidal foam, creams and gels), the intrauterine device or IUD and surgical sterilization. Patients are encouraged to make an appointment in order to discuss the best form of birth control for their individual lifestyles.

One new and unique contraceptive option, which is not a pill, a patch, or an injection is called the Nuva Ring. It provides a much lower circulating level of hormones compared to any other contraception currently available and can be used to decrease cramps and menstrual discomforts. It is usually covered by health plans at about the same cost as birth control pills, but few women know about it.

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